Monitor and Manage is an online training delivery system and includes a database for Trainees and their training records. It gives you the ability to manage your trainees and drill down to their training history and even individual test results within a few mouse clicks. If you are a training administrator or health and safety coordinator you need to know who has the training they need and who needs training. You can quickly see who is due for retraining and issue an access code.

Trainee records can be stored in the online database for fast easy retrieval. You can also print out and even export training records if you need for reporting or as a hard copy backup.

This system includes a course builder which allows you to create and maintain your own training materials. No need to purchase or license training material development software, that is included with the platform.

When you are ready to get your training course online connect with us we have great technology, amazing service and are easy to work with.

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