Online Training Engine Versus LMS

You may not be as familiar with the term, “online training engine” as you are with the acronym LMS or Learning Management System.  If you are familiar with LMS you will know what we mean when we say that an LMS is really a generic system that lets you load content or course material, and then lets other people view that content, take a course, or complete testing.  An LMS is really a delivery tool and in some situations that may be all someone needs.

When was initially designed we wanted it to be so much more than just an LMS. We wanted to create a powerful tool that would be like an engine you could use to power all of the training needs for your business. That was in 2008 and we have been in a state of constant enhancement and building to keep pace with the changing needs of the people doing the training and the people taking the training.

The reason this was so important is because we want to give each customer exactly what they want in a training system, today and into the future. We do that by having a training engine at the core, which can easily be modified, and configured in many different applications, so it works as is for someone selling training through a network of resellers just as well as it works for a large company with hundreds of people spread around the world.

No one should be stuck compromising when it comes to educating and training their people. We customize the system for you, rather than making you compromise to fit the system. Talk to us about your plans and see for yourself.

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