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Do you want to limit access to your trainees or is it OK if anyone can see your materials?

When people talk about getting a course online they look for e-Learning software or e-Learning systems and don’t always find what they are looking for. Some people upload videos to YouTube and give their employees links to view the videos as an example of what they call e-learning. Some companies record webinars and use those as resources to train their customers.

One of the main differences between these types of e-learning and what customers do with is the degree of controlled access to the training materials. In only someone with a valid access code is allowed to see the training materials. For many companies their training materials are competitive advantage which they have invested in creating. One of the main concerns is ensuring their intellectual property is protected.

You may have a number of policies and procedures you need your employees to review. We recently talked to a company and have found a creative way to share their policies and get employee feedback on them. They were using an online survey tool to load the policy and give survey logins to their employees to view it and comment on. Their frustration came from a lack of ability to properly record and track their employee observations. This is something that is much better handled in a database driven system like

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