Train and test staff online

Why are so many people training and testing their staff online? The number one answer is convenience. How hard is it to get a group of people together for a training day – almost impossible! It is simply too difficult to get groups of people together to complete training anymore.

When you train online, it’s on demand. You need to plan ahead or line up resources. You click couple of buttons and a person who wants training gets an email notification with a link to login to the training course. The beauty is that whether you train just one, or train one hundred, the cost per person is the same.

Convenience may be the reason trainers and trainees love online training, but it's the cost savings that gets Management ‘s approval. Some cost estimates will put online training at just 10% of the cost of the workshop or classroom training delivered course. When companies are using paper-based training, the paper savings alone can offset the cost of training someone online.

Online training can make sense even for training small groups when the training is specialized of high value. One client who is required to provide radation safety training has about 30 people to train each year. Becuase of the importance of safety when working around radiation and the need for radiation safety compliance it was well worth it to setup their own training to train their staff.

When you have people who have training to do, talk to us about what TrainingToDo can do for you.

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