Create Online Training Materials

The first step in converting a workshop training course to online training course is to convert from paper based materials to electronic training materials. e-learning training materials can be in various formats. The simplest method can be to convert a Word type document to a .PDF version and upload the PDF as a link to display the materials. Another option is to convert your training materials into a Flash file which can include animation and formatting effects for a higher end look and feel of the presentation materials.

If you have training materials in MS PowerPoint, PowerPoint can be converted to Flash. Video is also becoming a more popular choice to provide training materials in as more people have high speed Internet access. So you can see the options for training materials runs from basic text and graphics .PDF through to narrated Flash files to full audio video files.

We can work with you to convert your materials and if you are looking to develop a new course we can work with you to design and develop your training materials. Once the materials are in an electronic format we can create a Course and upload the materials so that someone registered for your course can login to the system to access the materials.

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