Create Test Questions includes an online testing option. You can create an online test as part of a traning course. You can also test online as a stand alone exam or certification test.  The system includes a course builder module. The course builder allows you to create one or more questions and set up the answers as multiple choice and true/false questions. Once your Trainees have worked with the materials and are ready they can take the test and have it instantly scored. The results are stored and can be reviewed by the Trainee and the person administering your training program.

If you need to measure the results of the training or need to test for competency or test for compliance the built in testing tool can take care of this. It includes the ability to review the overall test question scores to identify problem questions or areas where revisions to the training materials could help to improve the understanding and retention of the training materials.

The Testing feature is optional. If you are just looking for a way to deliver the training materials online as a more efficient way to deliver training you can use just the training feature. A custom Certificate of Completion is also available as part of the Testing component.

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