Policy Manual Signoff

How do you manage your policies and procedures? Policy manuals used to be large binders that sat on people's bookshelves. When many companies went to paperless policies and stored them in Word or PDF format they went from sitting on the shelf to sitting on a server.

People who are in Policy Management know the importance of having everyone all policies both for understanding and to indicate their acceptance to follow the policies. Hopefully you don't have a lot of occasions where you have a breach of policy, and when you do you will appreciate having followed proper policy review and sign off. Policy Management is similar to training management but it's not the same.

The has been designed with a Policy Management module specifically to handle Policy Management, policy review by employees, policy acceptance and sign off, and compliance tracking and recordkeeping. Harassment Prevention, Violence Prevention, Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct, and Confidentiality are just a handful of the many policies that each and every business needs to consider.

When you want to go paperless and built-in ability to allow your employees to review policies online and manage their acceptance and sign offs - talk to us - we've done this before and can do this for you.

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