Compliance Training System

Compliance training is very common in areas such as professional designations, associations, and almost every business needs to comply with health and safety legislation.  In all cases it requires a system to be able to monitor and manage not just the training delivery and completion but also the issuance of certificates and tracking certificate maintenance points or continuing education credits.

At the front end you want the ability to provide access to the training course, sometimes through the registration and creation of an access code to the course, and sometimes through the issuing of an access code by one of your course administrators. An Admin module for the training system is what puts you in control of the records to manage and monitor each person’s progress.

At the back end you want a system that is going to deliver the training each and every time, with a high level of performance and one that has been designed to make the trainee experience easy to navigate and easy to complete. The trainee experience is what is all about and the ability to design difficulty out of the system allows you to perfect the training over time. This increases your trainee experience and course rating and lowers the need for support.

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