What do I need to sell my training course online?

I need a checklist of a complete package.

When you are planning to sell your training course a lot of people focus their attention on getting a tool to convert their training materials into an online format. This is just one piece of the complete solution. This is a basic checklist of the components or peices of the solution.

  • Course materials including test questions, a Certificate of Completion
  • Promotional website, microsite or landing page that you can direct prospective customers to for details on the course and contact information
  • Merchant account for credit card processing
  • Registration page to purchase your course
  • Signup Notification system to eamil customers their login credentials
  • Online delivery system with a login page for controlled access to your course
  • Certificate delivery option
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing Plan

When you are planning how you will be able to get your course to the point where people can register and the money goes into your account feel free to give us a call - we do this all the time and can help you to consider your options and plan your complete solution.

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