Expect - Expertise, Service and Responsiveness

Expertise comes from the years of experience talking to people in many different businesses with many different needs. It comes from facing the question, “can you do this?” many times and finding solutions to the challenges our customers bring us. That does not mean that there are things we can’t do – it means we are always working to make today’s version of our technology better than yesterday’s. And we have excellent technology.

Service is the secret ingredient in what we do. People can copy our technology, over time. People can offer lower rates than we have. What no one else has is “our people”, and the attitude of service which our people are selected for, and the investment in training our people receive each and every day to be focused on what we can do for our Clients, and how we can be even easier to do business with.

Responsiveness is answering our phones. Responsiveness is checking email during extended hours so someone in need of support gets the help they need. Responsiveness is making a commitment and then delivering on that commitment. Responsiveness is a habit of doing what needs to be done, when our Client wants it.

You no doubt have many options for online training delivery or an online testing system. Our belief is there is only one online training engine. And for the people looking to power their business and power their training activities we offer the full package of expertise, service and responsiveness.

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