Free Consult - You Have Questions We Have Answers

You may be just starting your search or have done a lot of research into several options. It is an important decision for you to make and now is the time to make sure you get your questions answered.

You can feel free to pick up the phone and call us - send us an email - live chat when we are avaialble. There may be many ways for you to do what you want to do and our promise is to help you decide what is best for you, even if it is not one of our systems.

The Top 5 Starter Questions 

  1. I have training materials in PowerPoint, how do I get them into an online training course?
  2. I am creating my training content and test questions, what is the best format to put them into, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Video?
  3. I have looked at a few online training delivery options online, how does your pricing work?
  4. Do I need a website to sell my training, how does someone register or purchase access to my course once it's set up?
  5. Who looks after any support questions if someone has a problem registering or taking the training?

These are some of the most common starter questions we get when we first talk with someone about their plans. If you are still at the idea stage it can be very helpful to talk to us. Chances are pretty good we have already done something similar to what you want to do. We have saved people a lot of time getting their materials ready by giving them ideas on how to organize the content and ways to improve the learning experience.

When you are ready we look forward to hearing from you.

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