Corporate University Setup

Is it time for your own University program?

We see three basic reasons people create their own corporate training program:

  1. specialized training for their current skills and knowledge gaps
  2. the ability to handle high volumes with a low cost of delivery
  3. consistency

Each workplace is unique with their own set of policies and procedures. Some have very specific best practices, checklists or rules people follow to meet quality ot output and productivity requirements.

Newly hired people come into a job with some level of a knowledge gap between what they know and what they need to know to get up to speed and perform well. The abilty to create very targeted training allows larger organizations to leverage what they know and transfer knowledge to the people who need to know.

When you are hiring people on a steady basis to meet the demands of a growing organization or are in a sector that has higher turnover rates the ability to handle high volumes creates an advantage for online learning technology or a blended learning option. Online learning solves the scheduling trap of trying to get groups of people together for face to face training. And it can do this at a very low cost per person.

Consistency is sometimes overlooked as a reason for having your own company level university or training program. We want to have a team of employees consistently performing at a high level. When there are inconsistencies in how the training is structured or delivered it can lead to inconsistencies in the employee's knowledge and understanding, And this leads to inconsistency in performance.

If you are in a growth situation, higher turnover sector, or rapid response opportunity like a franchise training provider having your own corporate learning centre can make sense. Feel free to talk to us about what is possible and how it could work for you.

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