It's about control - it's what makes this Training Engine more than an LMS

Most LMS are going to do the basics of allowing you to load a training course and allow people to access it online. When we designed we wanted more than the basics. Imagine, the ultimate in online training and testing delivery, the ultimate in administration and record management, the ultimate in setup and maintenance.

What are the three reasons Clients choose TrainingToDo over the hundreds of other LMS options?

  1. Power and Control: "it's a system that can grow and scale with me and I control the process"
  2. Proven Solution: "it's my name and reputation on the line, I needed somthing i can see works"
  3. Simplicity:"I know what I want, with someone who can deliver without making it complicated"

Tell us what's important to you. You can count on a straight answer to your questions. That's a promise.

You get amazing technology polished over years of Client feedback and ideas.And you don't have to buy it, you can license it. Along with full service and support.

When you have questions about setting up a Learning Management System, or licensing Learning Management Software, contact us, it is free to talk and we can answer your questions letting you create a plan for your online learning that is right for you. Call toll free 1 877-425-5820 or email

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