Add Trainees and Passwords

TrainingToDo uses a modular design to give you a complete training management system.. You have access to add Trainees into the system, or can send a trainee list to us and we will load it for you. You can add a Trainee to the system in a couple minutes, and just as easily add 500 Trainees using the batch import feature. By adding Trainees into the database you can then issue access codes for one or more courses and quickly get a snapshot of each employee’s training profile.

For Professional Trainers we can set up an online signup and automate the Access Code creation for individuals. For Corporate Trainers you can use TrainingToDo for internal training and load your employees from an HR database, Payroll database or employee spreadsheet.

And for Associations we can create a configuration that will allow your members to sign up for training from within a Member’s only web page or signup and pay online to have their login information emailed to them, making it an automated process that does not take a lot of your resources to administer.

The system is extremely flexible and can be configured in a variety of ways and where necessary we can customize the system to meet the specific requirements for each customer.

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