Online Testing

How do we measure a person's knowledge? One of the most accepted ways is to test them. In the traditional sense this means creating a set of test questions on the subject matter and having the person complete the test. If they achieve an acceptable level of correct answers we consider them to be knowledgeable.

There is a whole field of expertise around proper test question development and test implementation techniques. We can assist with test question development and management. But our emphasis is in providing a tool which allows for effective delivery of the testing and efficient marking and trainee feedback, storage, and retrieval of the test results. You can easily see which questions are being answered correctly and incorrectly to address problem areas with individuals or groups in your organization.

TrainingToDo has many options to create pools of questions and generate random selections for tests and exams, establish rules for retests and other ways to configure and customize the test process. The intention is to make an easier way to deliver and manage the testing as a way to provide a better assessment of the effectiveness of the training and learning experience. One custom system that was built allows University students to complete online tests and exams and be marked through a combination of computer marked multiple choice questions and instructor and peer reviewer marked short answer questions.

The paper savings alone are huge! And it’s a more environmentally friendly option. Plus the turn around time on the test marking allows the students to move through the training units with a lot less delay. Who do you need to test? Let's talk about your plans, you can put us to the test.

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