Training Success Stories

The TrainingToDo training engine was initially designed as a training records database for an association and then evolved to add in the training and testing delivery functions. The following are two examples of successful customers experiences with TrainingToDo.

Corporate Training - Safety and Health Training is a great example of how many companies are using online training to ensure they are in compliance with the requirements for safety and health training. WHMIS training is a very common requirement for most businesses in Canada. Through individuals can sign up online, access the training materials, take a test, and receive their certificate of completion in an email. And companies can do the same for all of their employees. This is a more efficient way to deliver the training as people go at their own pace and can complete it in less time. It is also much easier for companies to schedule training which they can do in seconds compared to trying to get together large enough groups of employees to make a group training session work.

Certifications and Associations - Massage Therapists Association of Manitoba (MTAM) has over 500 members who have an ongoing learning requirement for Continuing Education (CE). The association had outgrown the ability to manage this in a spreadsheet. TrainingToDo offered a great way to manage each member's profile information, their training activities, and see instantly where each member was in terms of meeting the CE requirements. This makes it possible for the association to manage a program like this with much less time and people than before. For the members they now have a self serve option to manage their training records.

Professional Trainers - sell their training online as a complement to their workshop or classroom training, or expand your training into new markets increaseing your reach over the Internet. The platform if very flexible and can be configured quickly when you need training right away.

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