The Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) delivers the responsible service and safety program for the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission, which is mandatory for anyone working in a licensed establishment in Manitoba. The majority of the training is delivered on-line.

Our web site was dated, unprofessional in appearance and limited in its functionality. I approached Allan Dubyts, from Training-To-Do, and explained the issues and what we needed. He came back with several ideas that were exactly what we required and at a price that was $50,000.00 less than a previous quote! Needless to say, we went ahead with the new web-site and were very happy with the finished site.

The following year, as a result of legislation changes, the program was re-named, expanded and re-launched. Serving it Safe, Responsible Service and Safety Program seamlessly replaced the previous program. Allan and his team made sure that there were no glitches and we were thrilled with the outcome.

Allan and his team provide on-going support with this program. Whenever we need to make changes, they are done quickly and cost-effectively. The support has been fantastic. We truly feel like valuable clients of Training-To-Do.

Shannon Fontaine
CEO Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC)

We first began working with Safe and Certified and the system in 2009 when we launched a new online version of our proprietary training course for fertilizer handlers. The staff at Safe and Certified were very patient, accommodating and helpful in the process of setting up our first course, which has been a resounding success for our business. We realized we should have moved the training course online years ago! Since then we have launched three other courses using the system and we continue to be pleased with how easy the team is to work with, and with the quality of the end product.

We look forward to continuing to work with them as we launch future training courses.

Delaney Ross
Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers

Allan's health and safety training is one of those business solutions that makes you think: 'Why didn't I think of that!" It is easy to administer, provides consistent, thorough training and testing, has just the right mix of text and images, and finally provides a certificate to the trainee. It is the perfect solution for our temporary staffing business as it allows us to ensure this process is completed and recorded prior to employee placement.

In addition, Allan has been very helpful in adding customization, and tweaking the program to fit our needs in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. I would highly recommend Allan's training programs and his partnership approach without hesitation.

Nicola Malcolm

I have worked with Allan Dubyts and the SafeAndCertified team since the Spring of this year. In that time, they have assisted us in the development of our online “Alberta Basic Security Training” program which, with their development changes and innovative thinking, helped get our course accredited by the Alberta Solicitor General and Ministry of Public Security.

They have assisted us in the creation of our website and also created a customized “re-seller” online training portal which has enabled us to deliver customized, online training to individuals and businesses alike, with the ability to link it to their website as if it was their own. We are currently offering ABST and WHMIS ONLINE through the system and have multiple courses we are working on to add to our service/product menu. This is the beginning of what we are sure to be an amazing and lucrative venture.

Sting Investigations – has great faith in Allan; in both his superior technology and his business approach. We’ve considered his experience and point of view when it comes to online training; and have already reaped the benefits.

Charlena Radic
Sting Investigations

How does someone with limited computer technology knowledge find just the right platform to launch an online training program? Surfing of course! When I had completed developing my first course for Continuing Education for the Insurance Industry, I needed a platform that had to perform multiple functions. It had to link to my website, be able to take on-line payments, provide security for the material, a testing platform also with security, ability for expansion as the company grows and more. And I needed someone to help me through the process. After locating several providers and comparing the services, platform options and value it was an easy decision. We chose,

Allan Dubyts responded to my queries quickly and in person (by phone), we set up a demo and we were on our way! From the date of our first contact to completion took less than 4 weeks! Allan and his trusty sidekick Andrew were there to walk me through the process. The course material was emailed to them, along with the exam, answer key and contact information for my webmaster. So with a combination of the expertise from Allan and Andrew at Training To Do and Teresa Cleveland, we were on our way.

The entire process is almost seamless. The client reviews the course information on my website, signs up, pays the registration, receives their username and password and Voila they are set to go. We have already had several people sign up for the course, study the material and take the exam! The feedback has been fantastic. They love the material and the ease of maneuvering through the site.

There will be more courses and we will be expanding nationally with my partners – Training to Do and Your Success Clinic!

Heather Cournoyer

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